Cannabis seed bank



Explanation weed seeds germinate in jiffy.

The easiest way!

Explanation of us (De Sjop).

Give a jiffy (size 41) 30ml water,
Certainly no more water otherwise becomes too wet and it can no more oxygen in there)
Let them all swell, and put one top seed in the hole and put 3mm turf on top.
(Do not touch the seeds with your hands, the acid of any sweat hands can cause delays)
Place the jiffy than in an environment that is around 22 degrees,
Preferably in a cabinet germinate you can close completely. and on top is transparent.
Then jiffy can not dry out. and you also do not add more water.
Be patient, after a few days you will see two leaves come forth.
Be sure to get plenty of light. otherwise the stem will stretch. (look for the light)
Then wait for the roots growing out the side of the jiffy's.
And then it is time to pot the plant. :)
If you do not use the seeds, it is wise to keep them in the refrigerator.
The seeds are cool and dry rather long to keep.