Spliff - Sweet ‘n Sour Indoor 5 Stuks feminized

5 Stuks sativa

Spliff - Sweet ‘n Sour Indoor 5 Stuks  feminized
Spliff - Sweet ‘n Sour Indoor 5 Stuks  feminized
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Sweet 'n Sour Indoor Female Cannabis Seeds

Sativa dominant. Mexican Haze x Princess x Skunk#1 x Hawaiian Sativa. Tenerife CC 2013 (Sativa Indoor Cup). Fantastically fruity, sweet aroma and taste.

We have been experimenting with a selection of strains that have amazing smells and tastes, the result is a strain named after its unique flavour: Sweet 'n Sour. This light feeding, easy to grow sativa strain has a bright green colour and will form one massive bud with numerous smaller side buds.

One or two weeks of vegetative growth is plenty for this high yielding sativa strain. The first signs of flowering will show after 3 weeks, but this strain can go from seed to yield in 80 days. Start flushing this strain a few days early to enhance the sensational smell and taste.

This strain comes in two phenotypes: a tall and lanky one and a slightly shorter variety. Despite its subtle aroma, you can distinguish three different phenos with hints of citrus, pineapple or grapefruit. Its taste is much stronger than the aroma and takes really well to long curing periods.

Smoking Sweet 'N Sour provides a delicious mix of sweet and sour fruit flavours with a potent, clear and active high. This cocktail of sativa strains provides relief for numerous medical conditions including pains, intestinal issues and a lack of appetite.