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To make it clear that we did not participate in professional cultivation we decided to sell up to 10 weeds per customer.
In this way, it is possible for the hobby breeder to cultivate some plants (medicinal) weed without the fact that criminal offenses are facilitated by us.

You may have more than 10 in your shopping cart but you will receive our message that we can not process your order.
If necessary, the amount paid will be returned.

Free cannabis seeds of your choice
Receive free cannabis seeds with your order!
When you place your order, you are likely to get free cannabis seeds.
Check out the overview below to see how many free cannabis seeds you get at any spending amount.

For orders from:
25 euro - 1 seed gift
50 euro - 2 seeds gift
75 euro - 3 seeds gift
100 euro - 5 seeds gift

* Up to a maximum of 5 free cannabis seeds
* The amount of the order will not include any shipping costs for registered shipment.

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