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RQS - Royal Creamatic

RQS - Royal Creamatic

Autoflowering Specials

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Article code: Z7A11

RQS - Royal Creamatic


Type Sativa: 10% Indica: 60% Ruderalis: 30%
Yield 80-110 grams
Harvest month 8-9 weeks after sprouting
Height of the plant 70-100 cm
Genetic background Cream Caramel x Ruderalis
Cannabinoid content Medium
Flowering time Autoflowering

The newest member of the Royal Queen Seeds Autoflowering seed collection.
The Royal Creamatic brings a new flavour to the autoflowering family.
We took our best autoflowering genetics and crossed them with Cream Caramel, a popular Spanish Indica strain which is a cross of BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino.

Known for its intense, sweet caramel flavour and strong physical effects.
The result is our Royal Creamatic, a strain that retains the sweet caramel aroma and strong effects but is much quicker and easier to grow.

The Royal Creamatic is a small-to-medium sized autoflowering feminized variety, which means you’ll have only bud-producing female plants and no unwanted male plants taking up space.  
Generally, it will grow one main big bud and just a few small side branches.
This is a powerful plant that flowers quickly, growing to a maximum height of around 70-100 cm.
This makes it ideal for smaller indoor gardens where more plants can be placed in the area.

Even though small, The Royal Creamatic can produce from 80-110 g if treated right.
Ready for harvest just 8 weeks after planting the seeds.  
This is a top quality autoflowering variety that produces dense, resin-covered buds with a great taste and a heavy, relaxing physical effect .



  • Autoflowers
Flowering time
  • up to 8 weeks
  • Medium
  • Medium
Height inside
  • <60cm
  • 60cm-80cm
  • >80cm
Height outdoor
  • 60cm -100cm
  • >100cm
Harvest month
  • Auto 7-8 wks aft germ
High yield inside
  • 300-400 g/m²
  • 400-500 g/m²
high yield outdoor
  • 100-200 g/plant
Suitable for
  • in and outdoor
  • outdoors
  • Indoors