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RQS - Royal Kush Automatic

RQS - Royal Kush Automatic

Autoflowering Specials

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Article code: Z7A04

RQS - Royal Kush Automatic


Yield 55 grams
Harvest month 8-9 weeks after sprouting
Height of the plant 60-90 cm
Genetic background Strong Sativa x Ruderalis
Effect Physical, clear high
Cannabinoid content Medium
Flowering time Autoflowering
Type Sativa: 55% Indica: 10% Ruderalis: 35%

Quick and easy like all of our autoflowering varieties.
Royal Automatic adds a little bit of Sativa to the autoflowering mix.

Something a little bit different for fans of autoflowering varieties.
Royal Automatic is a cross between autoflowering Ruderalis strains with a quick-flowering Sativa.
This Sativa influence, while only minor, shows in the plant’s height.
Still a compact plant but taller than many autoflowering varieties, it will grow to a height of 60 to 90 cm.

Royal Automatic will be ready for harvest 8 to 9 weeks after planting the seeds.
The plants can smell quite strong during flowering, giving off a rich, spicy, almost fruity aroma.
This smell only improves after the plant is dried and cured.
The buds are not as dense as some other autoflowering varieties that are more Indica dominant.
However, the yields are of a good quality and each plant can produce up to 55 g if grown well.

Before the introduction of our Royal Haze Automatic, this was one of the more Sativa dominant autoflowering varieties on the market.
Like all of our strains, Royal Automatic seeds are feminized, which makes growing it even easier.
It is a great overall strain.
The effect is physically uplifting with a clear, happy high.



  • Autoflowers
Flowering time
  • up to 8 weeks
  • Low
  • Medium
Height inside
  • <60cm
  • 60cm-80cm
  • >80cm
Height outdoor
  • >100cm
Harvest month
  • Auto 8-9 wks aft germ
High yield inside
  • 150-300 g/m²
  • 300-400 g/m²
high yield outdoor
  • 100-200 g/plant
Suitable for
  • in and outdoor
  • outdoors
  • Indoors