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Spliff Bronze Afghan 5 Stuks

Spliff Bronze Afghan 5 Stuks

Bronze line seeds, Buiten NL

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Spliff Bronze Afghan  5 Stuks


AFGHAN (5 seeds) Greasy buds and thick leaves. This legend has been round for a long time. Like its doggy namesake it’s fast, elusive and surrounded by myths and mystery. This plant has greasy buds and has thick, heavy leaves. First grown in the most rugged parts of Afghanistan on the Pakistani border, this indica strain has been at the base of many new (in)famous strains. Most notably, it helped revolutionize and change the cannabis landscape forever when it was crossbred to form the legendary Dutch Skunk varieties, well known for its high percentages of THC. Say no more! Nuff said! Details Flowering: 7–9 weeks Height: short Yield (m2): 350/450 grams (S.O.G.) Type: mostly indica Harvest: outdoor end of September, beginning of October Grow difficulty: moderate Suited for: indoor/outdoor