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Spliff Silver Super Skunk 5 Stuks

Spliff Silver Super Skunk 5 Stuks

Regular Silver line Seeds, Buiten NL

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Spliff Silver Super Skunk  5 Stuks


Super Skunk (5 seeds) Skunk lovers check this out! This one originates from Holland. Afghani predecessors and Skunks have been crossed to create this amazing Super Skunk. Don’t let the notoriously powerful skunk smell put you off, because it has a euphoric high with a little more body to it than its predecessor Skunk no. 1. In 1990 it was among the winners of the Cannabis Cup and it defeated the Skunk no. 1, a classic. Details: Flowering: approximately 7 to 8 weeks Height: between 80cm and 120 cm, depending on light conditions Yield: up to 350 grams. The yield in a greenhouse can be up to 500 grams. Indica/Sativa ratio: 50/50 Harvest: mid October Sow: Sow when soil warms to 15C/59F or more or transplant after last frost.