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Home    Spliff Seeds  Spliff Silver Top 44 5 Stuks
Spliff Silver Top 44 5 Stuks

Spliff Silver Top 44 5 Stuks

Regular Silver line Seeds

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€ 12.50

Article code: Z890040

Spliff Silver Top 44  5 Stuks


Top 44 (5 seeds) Why the name? We’ll tell you why, because it can be ready in 44 days! So for a quick result, Top 44 is your kind of plant. It is strong plant and very easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, so ideal for any first time grower. Top 44 has a very rich and sweet taste. Details: Flowering: between 43 and 54 days Height: indoor 125cm / outdoor 150cm Yield: indoor 100g indoor / outdoor 300g or more Indica/Sativa ratio: 85/15 Harvest: between September and October Sowing season: Sow when soil warms to 15C/59F or more or transplant after last frost.